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“Hi, I’m Velma Alford,
your Emotional and Mental Clutter Angel.”

I founded a program called Chaos To CalmTM  where we heal the emotional trauma causing chaos in your life.

Together you and I identify and replace subconscious limiting beliefs.

From this clear conscious space, we align you with your goal in an area you choose AND rebuild the relationship with yourself.

I specialize in Abuse, Grief, and Loss —
Generational Patterns — Blended Families — and Food Addiction.

The methods used in my 3-step Chaos to CalmTM Program are unique.

I am honored to be:

1 of only 3 people in the world who have been certified to use ACTTM

1 of 145 Certified T.A.T.® Professionals in the world and

1 of 122 teachers of Light Language I and II.

I am the only healer who uses this combination of techniques.


Velma leads you through 3 simple steps to get unstuck and move from chaos to calm in your life.

Click here to be guided through the 3 Steps To Move From Chaos To Calm

What is Chaos To Calm?

Chaos to CalmTM is a unique, guided, and individualized 12-week program that moves you out of your inner chaos and into calm.

This 3-step program will focus on a specific area of your life and will:

HEAL the emotional origins that are causing the chaos in this area, using TAT®.

ALIGN you with your highest priority overall goal in this area, using ACTTM.

REBUILD your relationship with yourself by creating a 7, 49, or 144-shaped Light Language grid!